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At UniSA, we are committed to a holistic and collaborative approach in our fight against cancer.

More than 300 researchers are working together to prevent and treat cancer and to support the growing numbers of survivors of this disease.

We strive to enhance personalised treatments, understand population health through big data, and reduce pain after cancer – among many other essential focus areas.

Often, one concept can be applied across many areas of research and many types of cancers. This translational research is powerful and ultimately means that even more people in our community will benefit from our scientists’ work.

When you donate to UniSA’s Cancer Research Fund today, 100% of your gift will go directly to the cause – helping those living with cancer, who have survived cancer, and all of us who are impacted by cancer.


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Dr Tessa Gargett

Genetically engineered cell therapy to treat skin and brain cancers

Dr Tessa Gargett and her colleagues at the Centre for Cancer Biology (an alliance between SA Pathology and UniSA) are focusing on killing cancer using immunotherapy. Called ‘CAR-T,’ it is genetically engineered cell therapy made from a patient’s own white blood cells. more...

Dr Sarah Boyle

New therapy approach for breast, bowel and skin cancers

Dr Sarah Boyle has discovered a previously unknown way in which breast cancer cells hijack normal cells nearby to help tumours to grow and invade. more...

Professor Shudong Wang

New drug offers hope for pancreatic, colorectal, brain, breast and neuroendocrine cancers

Professor Shudong Wang and her team at UniSA have invented and developed a drug called Auceliciclib. By targeting CDK proteins, Auceliciclib can stop cancer cell growth and proliferation. more...

Together there is more we can do

When you donate to the University of South Australia Cancer Research Fund, 100% of your gift goes directly to the researchers - with no admin fees or hidden costs.

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