If you are a staff member at UniSA, you can easily make donations directly to the University or to other charities through payroll deductions.

Using UniSA's HR portal you can make a one-off donation, or commit to a regular donation and spread the amount across the year. The donation is made directly from your salary by Payroll Services, and the University adjusts the amount of tax to be withheld accordingly. This means you get the benefit of the tax deduction immediately.

Regular donations quickly add up: if you donate just $15 each fortnight (the cost of a few coffees), then you will donate $390 over the full year, but the cost to yourself will be much lower (depending on your tax bracket - see the table below for examples).

Sheila Bailey and scholarship recipient Brooke Caputo

Why I support scholarships through workplace giving

I am so proud that I have been able to help over 30 rural students through UniSA’s workplace giving program. It’s wonderful to know that my contribution has helped transform these young lives. Find out more…

Prabjit Sandhu

Helping others to afford education

It makes me happy thinking that someone who was having difficulty affording university is now able to benefit from the Sandhu International Student Support Grant. Find out more…

Taxable Income Tax rate + Levies Fortnightly pre-tax contribution Net fortnightly cost to UniSA employee Net annual cost to employee Annual charity contribution
$37,000 21% $10.00 $7.90 $205.40 $260
21% $25.00 $19.75 $513.50 $650
21% $40.00 $31.60 $821.60 $1040
$37,001-$80,000 34.5% $10.00 $6.75 $170.30 $260
34.5% $25.00 $16.38 $425.75 $650
34.5% $40.00 $26.20 $681.20 $1040
$80,001 - $180,000 39% $10.00 $6.10 $158.60 $260
39% $25.00 $15.25 $396.50 $650
39% $40.00 $24.40 $634.40 $1040
$180,001 and over 47% $10.00 $5.30 $137.80 $260
47% $25.00 $13.25 $344.50 $650
47% $40.00 $21.20 $551.20 $1040

Example - $10 or $15 donation every fortnight, using ATO published tax rates as at 29 April 2021, plus 2% Medicare Levy for all rates. Note that individual calculation of cost to employees may vary from these examples, which do not account for your personal tax situation (i.e. any available tax offsets etc.). If you have specific queries about your personal tax situation, the University recommends you seek professional tax advice.

How to set up workplace giving through the HR portal

You can easily manage your donations yourself in the online myHR payroll system, available within the myUniSA portal, accessible from the HR tab. 

Select Requests, and then select Deductions from the drop-down options.



In myHR, select the new request button with the blue arrow.



Select the fund(s) you wish to support and then select the donation period from available drop-down options.


Workplace giving 0ptions

UniSA provides several options for staff to support University research, infrastructure, and student scholarships, as well as selected external charities, including:

UniSA Funds


  • Note that the minimum donation amount is $2.00, as this is the minimum threshold for a gift to be tax deductible.
  • You can also make one-off donations if you wish.
  • Your donation is received by the organisation you support with minimal administrative cost to them
  • You make an important contribution to the community via your support

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