The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre

Help us to deliver an independent program of public events devoted to generating ideas and solutions to achieve cohesive, sustainable societies. The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, known as the Hawke Centre, is a community-focused centre devoted to generating ideas and solutions to achieve cohesive, sustainable societies.

Since its establishment in 1997, the Hawke Centre has developed a public events program with topics ranging from human rights to environment, economy and science, and many more.

At the opening of the Hawke Centre, over 20 years ago, Bob Hawke said "knowledge is the antidote to fear and prejudice and it is the indispensable basis of good policy-making and of a cohesive community".

Bob delivered the first Annual Hawke Lecture in 1998, entitled A Confident Australia, establishing a tradition of excellent insight that has been sustained by a series of outstanding speakers. He was steadfastly committed to the Centre and personally assisted the process of securing a fine group of patrons for the Hawke Centre, especially International Patron, the late Nelson Mandela.

The Hawke Centre continues to honour the values of Bob Hawke as a major supporter of education, of international understanding, and of balance between equity and economy to serve the greater social good. By making a tax-deductible donation to the Hawke Centre, you can help to grow its program of public events and to bring notable speakers to South Australia to share their experience in human affairs and stimulate new ideas on the future of our nation and our world.


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People at public event, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery

Kerry Packer Civic Gallery

The Hawke Centre is also the home of the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery which offers a dedicated guest gallery space for organisations to convey their social messages through art and conduct important outreach.

It was created through a generous endowment from the family of the late Kerry Packer, and extends the Hawke Centre's commitment to engage with the community. Exhibitions are presented throughout the year and are free to the general public.


Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library

The Hawke Centre houses a special national resource, the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library, representing a collective memory of Bob Hawke’s life and time in office. The Collection provides researchers with an invaluable resource for both political and social research from the Hawke era.

Donations to the Hawke Centre Library can ensure this rich and varied collection of archival records, personal and Labor party papers, published materials and memorabilia of Hawke’s life and time in public office, continues to inform a deeper understanding of both Bob Hawke and Australian society.

Your support will help to maintain, display and digitise the collection, and support student research projects that utilise the archives.


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Bob Hawke with Nelson Mandela

Every contribution – big or small – is valuable, and helps us to grow the Hawke Centre’s programs to strengthen our democracy, value our diversity and to build our future.


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