The need continues…

Earlier this year the University created a $10 million Student Hardship Fund which was supplemented with generous donations from our global community of nearly 220,000 alumni.

Due to the high demand, those funds have now been exhausted with more than 4,000 students having been supported during lockdown with funds for food, rent and essential bills.

However, despite some restrictions being lifted, jobs are scarce, and many students are still physically cut off from their family and support networks.

Sadly, some students are having to rely on food parcels, or are couch surfing because they cannot afford accommodation.

With a third of UniSA students from disadvantaged backgrounds, we know many families are struggling just to get by.

But their future is our future.

By supporting students, you are investing in the nurses, the scientists, the engineers, the counsellors, the researchers, and the innovators who will solve the most pressing challenges of the future.

By providing rent or food security you can make a difference.

Help us, help them. Support the Student Hardship Fund today.


The struggle is not over for our students. By making a contribution in support of the Student Hardship Fund, you can make an enormous difference to our students.

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100% of every dollar you give, goes directly to supporting students in need. The more we support our students, the stronger we make UniSA, and the more our community, society, and nation benefit. The University of South Australia is a deductible gift recipient. All donations to the UniSA Student Hardship Fund are tax deductible depending on your personal tax circumstances.

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