"Our family has a Christmas tradition of pooling the money we would have spent on presents for each other, we then each select a cause that we would like to donate to, draw one out of a hat and give it all to that one. Your cause was nominated by my sister-in-law, because she was looking for some way to support Indigenous education in Australia, and she had investigated many options and decided yours was the most suitable."

Donation supporting the Gavin Wanganeen indigenous Scholarship


A tribute donation is the perfect gift for the person who has everything and a unique way to mark special events and festive seasons!

An increasing number of individuals and families are choosing to invite tribute donations to the University of South Australia in lieu of gifts or flowers on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduations.

Giving to higher education is an investment in the future and you can play an important role in providing access to education and building the intellectual and professional skills of our community.

There is also the added benefit of knowing that every dollar donated goes directly to the cause you nominate with no allocation to the University's operational overheads.

Yes, I'd like to make a donation celebrating a loved one or special occasion