Honouring the generosity of those who have made a substantial and unique contribution


Pauline Carr

If you are a major donor to the University of South Australia or you promise a gift to the University in your Will, you are entitled to become part of the University of South Australia family as a member of the Chancellor's Club, Hetzel Group or College of Benefactors.

This is our way of honouring the generosity of those who have made a substantial and unique contribution to the University of South Australia.

Pictured: Ms Pauline Carr, Chancellor of the University of South Australia

Chancellor's Club

We look forward to welcoming you into the Chancellor's Club

UniSA alumni event

The Chancellor’s Club was established with the specific purpose to thank donors for their generosity, and serves as an opportunity to get to know our wonderful community.

You will be invited to join when you let us know you have included a gift in your Will to UniSA of any amount, or when your total giving has reached $50,000. We will always honour your preferences if you would prefer the option to remain anonymous.

As well as leaving a lasting legacy, club members will receive various entitlements ensuring that they always remain at the forefront of occurring progress within the university, particularly in areas of individual interest or areas that have advanced with thanks to their heartfelt donations.

As a member of the club you will receive:

  • Free membership to our libraries
  • A gold pin incorporating the University symbol and a framed certificate of appreciation to commemorate you joining the Club.
  • Invitations to special events hosted by the Chancellor, other senior managers and dignitaries of the University. These events include tours, informative sessions, formal functions and informal get-togethers. At most events members are invited to bring their partner or a nominated guest.
  • Invitations with reserved seating at special UniSA functions including annual Graduation ceremonies and the Foundation Scholarships and Grants ceremonies.

The Hetzel Group

The Hetzel Group bears the name of the late Dr Basil Hetzel AC, a former Chancellor at UniSA and a renowned Australian medical researcher, who made a difference to the lives of millions with his contribution to combating iodine deficiency worldwide.

Through The Hetzel Group the University can appropriately recognise and thank donors who are making an even greater impact through their philanthropy, and inspire others to elevate their giving to new heights. The group celebrates the contributions of donors who have made philanthropic gifts to the University of $100,000 or more.

Hetzel Group members are personally invited to join the Group at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor.

Member privileges include:

    • A framed Hetzel Group certificate with a hand-crafted embellished lapel pin
    • The opportunity to be inducted on stage at the annual Alumni Awards event
    • Invitations to special events hosted by the Vice Chancellor, Chancellor and dignitaries of the University

The Group has had a tremendous impact on the university and also on countless students, particularly those most in need, ensuring that financial disadvantage is never a barrier to pursuing an education.

“We believe in sharing and we get much more joy out of giving than we could have ever imagined.” - The late Jean Pearce (Don Hawke Memorial Scholarship)

Founding Hetzel Group members

Founding Hetzel Group members

The College of Benefactors

Graduate’s great gift launches UniSA’s Pridham Hall

From left: Former University of South Australia Chancellor Mr Jim McDowell, Andrew Pridham, and University of South Australia Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd

The College of Benefactors was established to recognise UniSA’s most esteemed supporters who donate gifts of more than $1 million to the University.

In 2017 the University of South Australia received its largest single private donation in the University’s 25-year history from Australian investment banker and Property Alumni, Andrew Pridham.

In acknowledging the generosity of Pridham, the university’s 2018 signature building, housing multipurpose sports and graduation venues was named Pridham Hall. More about this philanthropic gesture, as well as the College of Benefactors founding member can be read here

Members of the College of Benefactors receive the following recognition:

  • The donor may be publicly acknowledged and inducted into the College of Benefactors at either a Graduation Ceremony or the annual Alumni Awards event.
  • The ceremony will be officiated by the Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor in official University regalia. The donor will be provided with graduand gowns to wear reflecting their education or be provided with University of SA staff gowns.