If you feel passionately about a particular field of study or subject, or about educational disadvantage, you may wish to create a named scholarship, prize or grant.

Many of our donors have established scholarships in the name of a parent or loved one, as a lasting memorial which will continue to change lives and to help new generations to reach their potential.

A named scholarship requires a minimum commitment of $5,000 per year for three years.

Larger gifts can be used towards establishing perpetual funds, to enable the scholarship to make an ongoing contribution now and into the future. Please contact us to discuss the level of gift required to establish this fund.

If you are interested in creating a sponsored or named scholarship, prize or grant for a specific area of the University please contact Darren Garbin, Advancement Officer (Corporate and Named Scholarships) at, Ph: 8302 7030.

The scholarships and grants listed on this page represent just some of those on offer at the University of South Australia.