Helping others to afford education

Helping others to overcome hurdles through education

Prabjit Sandhu, Campus Central, Whyalla Campus

After initially donating to UniSA’s Pridham Hall initiative through workplace giving, Prabjit Sandhu felt motivated to continue to help others through education and established the Sandhu International Student Support Grant.

“Growing up, I was taught by my family to participate in selfless service for the betterment of society. My father has been my biggest motivation in supporting people who have the potential to study but have various hurdles to overcome in life. Often, these hurdles are financially related.

"From my own experiences, I have seen some international students struggle while studying in Australia and I felt compelled to help these well-deserving students by setting up a grant.

“I believe universities play a key role in preparing graduates to move into society to do better and bigger than before. The UniSA workplace giving scheme is a hassle-free way of supporting education while receiving the benefits of a pre-tax salary deduction at the same time.

“It makes me happy thinking that someone who was having difficulty affording university is now able to benefit from the Sandhu International Student Support Grant.”

Further information about workplace giving can be found here:

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