Great Hall donor's road to achieving her goals

Teresa Sapio - Never Give Up

Teresa Sapio, Registered Nurse

Teresa Sapio always knew that she wanted to be a nurse. With the love of caring for people and their wellbeing running in her veins she started pursuing her passion as soon as she finished high school.

Teresa spent the next 10 years working towards her goal of becoming a registered nurse in the community. This determination is represented in her three words to live by “Never Give Up,” which will be embedded on the Great Hall’s inverted pyramid.

“My proudest moment is the day I finished my degree. I knew how hard I worked and to be able to graduate was so gratifying. It took a lot of sweat and tears, but I did it. I never gave up!” says Teresa.

“I was very lucky and proud to have my 87 year old Nonna watch me graduate from UniSA. I lived with her for 12 years and providing her primary care made me certain that nursing was my passion. “

After completing Certificates Three and Four in Aged Care, Teresa unfortunately experienced a road block and “fuddled the requirements to become a registered nurse.”

This slight setback didn’t deter her from her mission. Teresa gained experience in the industry by working in nursing homes as an agency nurse.

“I felt that this experience provided me with a good basis of skills, but I strived to be able to do more to help people.”

Teresa started working with the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) in 2004 and was the recipient of a scholarship offered by the organisation, which assisted her in completing her Diploma of Nursing.

“I was dedicated and an avid learner seeking more, which to me meant going to university to become a registered nurse.”

Her dedication has paid off. Teresa graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of South Australia in 2013. Upon graduating she worked at the Modbury Hospital and has since returned to the RDNS as a registered nurse.

“The graduate position allowed me to experience working in different wards in the hospital and gain various skills, which have helped develop me as a nurse. However, I found that my true passion is for community nursing.”

Teresa is not only giving back to the community through her work, she is also helping future UniSA students by donating to the Great Hall.

“I chose to donate to the Great Hall as I believe that all students need a place where they can relax and think, and be in an environment that supports their development".

“I selected my three words to live by to be “Never Give Up” as I didn’t give up once. I kept pushing myself until I completed my degree".

“I remember a time when I was walking home from university, drenched from the rain and holding my science books. Even though I was cold, tired and soaked - I kept thinking that it is worth it".

“I did have times where assignments got the better of me and I struggled to balance it all, but I pushed through, as I knew the benefits outweighed any doubt".

“I truly believe that the University gave me so much, as I have successfully completed my degree and I’m working in a job that I am passionate about. For me to give back to UniSA is a way of me saying thank you for helping me to become the woman and nurse I am today.”

Inverted pyramid

By contributing AUD $1,000 you will secure a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your name and three words permanently embedded in the DNA of the Great Hall through the sculptural interpretations within the inverted pyramid, chandelier and pool

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