Maureen and Richard Oborn
Maureen and Richard Oborn

Why we support Shikofa

Richard and Maureen Oborn are passionate about giving more opportunities to people from a refugee background. They recently established the Hohborn Refugee Support Grant, of which, Shikofa is the inaugural recipient.


“We believe if you educate a female, you educate a village. So when females in certain countries are prevented from going to school, having the opportunity to then study in Australia becomes even more meaningful. Giving back and supporting others is important to us, and we are delighted to help Shikofa with her endeavours; she is a very deserving recipient.”

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When you give a gift to the UniSA Refugee Scholarship Fund, every dollar goes to empowering our students and changing their lives. The University of South Australia is a deductible gift recipient. All donations to the UniSA Refugee Scholarship Fund are tax deductible depending on your personal tax circumstances.

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Why we choose to support students from a refugee background

Previously a Dean at UniSA’s Law School, Emeritus Professor Rick Sarre, and his wife, Debra, have supported a range of scholarships at UniSA for several years. Out of deep concern for the welfare and rights of refugees, Rick and Debra generously donate annually to specifically help UniSA students from a refugee background; knowing just how important education is.


“The national anthem includes the words ‘For those who come across the seas we’ve boundless plains to share.’ While that sentiment has been politically fraught in recent times, what is not in question is the commitment of our educators to ensure that our student body will continue to celebrate its multiculturalism. We are delighted to be part of that endeavour by donating to UniSA and supporting students from a refugee background with their education, and hopefully, opening up more opportunities for their future careers.” 
Debra and Professor Rick Sarre
Debra Sarre and Emeritus Professor Rick Sarre


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