Become a permanent part of the new heart of UniSA


Your name and three words to live by, and now your voice

You can join hundreds of graduates, staff and supporters by donating $1,000 to have your name and three words to live by permanently etched into one of three sculptural features in the University’s new ceremonial and sporting complex, Pridham Hall.

Under the guidance of our design team and led by JamFactory, South Australia’s leading arts studio, we have selected three spaces and sculptural forms where we can display your name and your three words in key parts of Pridham Hall.

Your name and three words will become a permanent fixture that will forever inform and inspire generations of students, staff, alumni and visitors.

You can choose to embed your name and three words onto the blades of the Chandelier or have them carved on the Inverted Pyramid, both of which will be part of the impressive foyer of Pridham Hall.

Names and three words will also be etched onto the edge of the Swimming Pool, however this opportunity has now sold out.

Names and words can no longer be placed on the Inverted Pyramid or Chandelier prior to Pridham Hall’s opening. However, you can still participate in this initiative moving forward as names will continue to be added on an annual basis. Your name will be added after completion of your $1000 pledge. If you would like further information please  contact Advancement Services on (08) 8302 7375 or to see whether it is still possible to include your name and words this year.

As well as embedding your name and words, or those of a loved one, into the new heart of UniSA, you will also have the unique opportunity to embed a recorded explanation of your three words as a permanent time capsule of your thoughts.

Your story, which can easily be recorded using a mobile phone or computer (don't worry, we will assist you), will be permanently stored on the Pridham Hall website where it will be available to future visitors.

Professor David G. Lloyd’s words are a tribute to a man who he greatly admires, and a tongue in cheek reference to his time at UniSA.


In 2014, UniSA commenced the design and construction of the Great Hall creating a new heart of the University and an iconic venue where thousands of memories will be made.

In October 2016, the Great Hall became known as Pridham Hall following a remarkable $5 million benefaction from The Pridham Foundation - which administers the philanthropic activities of one of South Australia’s most successful sons, Andrew Pridham and his family.

A UniSA graduate in property resource management, Andrew Pridham has forged a highly successful international career as an investment banker in Sydney, Singapore, London and New York.

His other great passion, sport and in particular Australian Rules Football, has seen him serve as a Director since 2002 and Chairman since 2013 of one of the AFL’s most successful clubs over the past two decades – The Sydney Swans.

“I’ve always believed that it is important for people with the capacity to contribute to the broader Australian community to do so generously and encourage others to do the same.” Andrew Pridham

The Chandelier

The Jam Factory and design team have chosen glass-like resin blades to be suspended from the foyer ceiling to form a beautiful chandelier of words. The Chandelier will be a stunning feature of the main foyer and a striking spectacle when illuminated at night.

The Inverted Pyramid

Here your name and three words will be carved in wood as part of the impressive Inverted Pyramid in the main foyer. The Inverted Pyramid evokes a sense of the ancient; the etched names reminiscent of iconic buildings of the past.

The Pool

**The Swimming Pool is now SOLD OUT**

In the depths of Pridham Hall, along the edge of the 25-metre swimming pool, your name and three words will be carved onto the stunning South Australian black granite edge. Your name and words will form a border of inspiration for future generations.

Your gift will inspire future generations

By contributing AUD $1,000 you will secure this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your name and three words permanently embedded in the DNA of Pridham Hall through the sculptural interpretations within the Inverted Pyramid or Chandelier.

After construction is finalised, names and words will be added annually.

As a member of our alumni community or a supporter you can either make a one–off donation or make a regular giving pledge starting from $50.00 per month over 20 months via a valid credit card.

Each donation or regular giving pledge is tax deductible in Australia depending on your personal tax circumstances, and an end of financial year receipt will be provided.

If you are a UniSA staff member you can donate through workplace giving to secure your space from as little as $25/fortnight.

If you are in the UK, USA or Hong Kong please contact and we will send you a form to enable you to make a tax deductible donation in your own currency.

Names and Words

  • Names and the three words can be recorded in other language characters, for example Mandarin, Hindi etc.
  • You will be allocated 60 character spaces for your name and three words. Exceptions will be made where first names or surnames are long.
  • We reserve the right to not accept words that are deemed inappropriate.
  • Names and words may be subject to style changes for consistency, and punctuation cannot be accepted. 
  • You will have the opportunity to approve a proof of the name and words prior to manufacture.
  • Corporate opportunities are available. Click here to find out more or contact for further information.

Voice Recordings

  • You will receive instructions on how to submit your voice recording with your donation receipt.
  • Recordings can be a maximum of 3 minutes and will be moderated for sound quality and content.

All the funds raised through this initiative will support future student facilities

Yes I would like to embed myself in the DNA of Pridham Hall

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